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Welshpool to Belan Locks (Section 11, Page 3).

This section is navigable but not yet connected to the main canal network.


   This view is looking in the direction of  Welshpool  from the area between the Powis Estate Saw Mill and Belan Locks.

In the distance are the Breidden Hills and Rodney’s Pillar.


Belan Picnic Area.

  A good place to start your walk along the canal. A car parking area has been  provided nearby .

Behind the trees to your right are the sites of the  Belan Limekilns.

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Belan Bottom Lock.

Seen from the picnic area.

An information board is seen on the left.



The Information Board sited by the picnic area.


Looking across Belan Bottom Lock.

Stop planks are sited by the side of the lock.


  Belan Locks Bridge Number 121.

To the right of the photo you can see the bye-weir entering this pound.

The bottom gates of Belan Top Lock are just visible under the bridge.


Looking across the area that lies below Belan Locks.

The tops of the old limekiln workers houses are just visible.


  Looking back from Bridge 121.

 Belan Bottom  Lock and the Lock Keepers Cottage are visible together with the newly resurfaced towpath and moorings.


Belan Top Lock.

As seen from the top of Bridge 121.


Belan Top Lock.

Looking towards the top gate from the area of the canoe launching pad.


Looking towards Newtown.

From above Belan top lock.

A new lock mooring is visible by the towpath.


Plants on the newly restored  towpath bank  are already re-establishing themselves .


Reeds, although attractive to look at, make it difficult for anything other than canoes to pass.


If your legs get tired with walking, a log converted to a seat is to be found by the side of the towpath


This attractive woodland scene is the next to meet your eyes and is typical of this area.


 Further on, bank stabilisation work is evident on the off-side of the canal.


Swans are enjoying this  clear stretch of water.


Sweeps Bridge (Number 122).

Sits on this gently sloping wooded hillside.


A short distance past Sweeps Bridge you will find a Montgomery Canal Milepost telling you that you are now 24 miles from Welsh Frankton and 11 miles from Newtown.


Chapel Bridge (number 123).

Is the next bridge that you encounter.

The chapel from which the bridge gets its name is seen to the right of the bridge.


Chapel Bridge Run-off point.

Seen from the top of Chapel Bridge.

By the side of the tow-path is a small run-off point.


Belan Chapel.

Seen from the top of Chapel Bridge.

On the slopes of Belan Bank is this attractive stone chapel that was built in 1842 as a church and school for this small isolated community

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