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Welshpool to Belan Locks (Section 11 Page 2).
This section is navigable but not yet connected to the national canal network.
Passing through Severn Street Bridge (119) you are faced with the entrance to the POWYSLAND MUSEUM on the offside of the canal.
In front of the museum that is housed in an attractive old canal warehouse of a unique architecture, is a V shaped basin. The basin is used as a winding point.
The museum is worthy of a visit if you get time.
Another view of the old warehouse that now houses the Powysland Museum.
Welshpool Town Lock. ( 5'10" rise).
The original lock gates and beams were of cast iron construction. These had been removed to the Inland Waterways Museum at Stoke Bruerne at the time of the official closure of the canal.
To the right of the lock , you can see the site of the Mill Wheel that was driven by water from the by-weir and used to power a corn mill.
Past Welshpool Lock, seen in the distance, you will find Hollybush Wharf.
Note the old tramway lines still running alongside the canal.
At this point, the tramway lines swing off to the right, into the area of the former Shropshire Union Repair Yard.
Leaving Hollybush Wharf and heading West along the canal you will find a footbridge that leads to the side of what was the main A483 trunk road before the Welshpool Bye-pass was built.
At a point between the bridge shown in the previous photo. And Whitehouse Bridge you will find a Montgomery Canal milepost telling you that you are now 22 miles from Welsh Frankton and 13 miles from Newtown.
After walking along the canal, near to the road taking you to Powis Castle, you will come to a barrier across what was the line of the canal. Beyond the barrier , the original canal is now a nature reserve.
To the right, the entrance to the diversion is seen passing under the newly constructed Whitehouse Bridge .( Bridge Number 120).
Tyo the left of the previous photo. ,you will find this sculptured seat for you to rest a while before continuing your journey.
Whitehouse Nature Reserve. As seen from the Western end.
At the Western end of the Whitehouse Nature Reserve we come to the site of the original Whitehouse Bridge. A culvert passes under the road at this point taking water through to a short length of canal on the far side of the road..
Back at the Easern End of the Whitehouse Nature Reserve, you can follow the canal towpath across a small footbridge and towards the entrance to the new Whitehouse Bridge and then pass under the road.
This is the information board, seen in the previous photo., by the entrance to Whitehouse Bridge.
This is the scene that meets you as you leave Whitehouse Bridge on its Northern side.
The new canal has now matured and nature has once more taken over.
This is a section along the newly constructed section of canal by-passing the Whitehouse Nature Reserve.
The towpath is very good for walking.
This section of the original canal is now a continuation of the Whitehouse Nature Reserve after it has crossed the main road near to the Powis Estate Sawmills.
The diverted  canal joins the original line of the canal at this point behind the Powis Estate Sawmills.
The entrance to the nature reserve seen in the previous photo. Is to the left of the picture.
A form is also on the left if you wish to rest a while before heading for Belan Locks.

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