Information and photo’s showing what is happening to the Vyrnwy Aqueduct at Newbridge, South of Llanynynech.



The photo below, taken from Newbridge Road Bridge, shows trees growing on the structure. The roots of the trees are slowly destroying the fabric of the Aqueduct and if left unchecked will result in its ultimate collapse.



The next photo, looking north along the top of the aqueduct depicts the view immediately above the site of the previous photo and once again shows trees growing on the Aqueduct.



A further photo, this time taken looking south along the top of the Aqueduct towards the site of the previous photo.



This photo was taken on the eastern side of the Aqueduct and shows further shrubbery  being allowed to grow on the structure.

 Although this growth is very picturesque, its rapidly growing root system will, if left unchecked, destroy the fabric of this listed structure.



Below, to the north of the last photo, a tree is once more being allowed to grow

unchecked on the towpath side of the Aqueduct



This is the scene under the arch depicted in the previous photo. Cracks and leaks, together with moss and fungi show that urgent attention to the aqueduct trough itself is needed to prevent further serious damage.



The arch at the southern end of the aqueduct shows considerably more damage and serious

leaking as is show on the “Friends” web-site where a photo and short movie by Andy Talbot taken in the winter of 2010 are available to view.



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