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(Tanat Feeder).


Tanat Feeder.

Above the locks at Cerreghofa you will find the entrance to the Tanat Feeder that brings water from the River Tanat to feed the locks.


Top lock at Carreghofa.

The Tanat Feeder passes by the tree behind the old toll house.

Note the familiar Montgomery Canal Paddle gear by the lock entrance.


The side pond by Carreghofa Bottom Lock was where the Tanat Feeder originally entered the canal

(In 1822 the feeder had been realigned to supply water to the pound above Carreghofa Top Lock).


Beyond the hedge seen past the  side pond, you will see evidence of the original course of the feeder.


Heading up the road in the direction of Carreghofa Hall you find a bridge over the feeder.

Looking by the tree, you will see another bridge.


Walk back a short distance and you will find a path that takes you over the bridge seen by the tree in the previous photo.


Looking along the feeder from the top of the bridge you will see the road bridge that you first saw.


The feeder then heads across open countryside in the direction of the site of the old Carreghofa Mill.


At the site of the old Carreghofa Mill you will see a pig watching you from a balcony.


The bridge over the Tanat Feeder by the old Carreghofa Mill.


The feeder used to drive two water wheels by the side of the mill.

(The history of the Tanat weir and canal feeder is intricately linked to that of the pre-existing Carreghofa Mill.

 There is believed to have been a weir on the River Tanat to serve the mill prior to construction of the waterway and its water leat is thought to have been modified and extended to form the canal feeder).


Leaving the Mill site and heading towards Carreghofa Hall.

 Just before you reach the Hall, you will find a track on your left with a bridge over the feeder.

Just over the Bridge, on your right you will find a stile taking you onto an overgrown path alongside the feeder.


The overgrown path alongside the feeder.


Following the path, you will come to a stone built building housing the sluice controlling the flow of water into the feeder.


The front of the stone built sluice house.


By the left hand side of the building you will see the site where the feed enters int the control.


Looking towards the source, you will see the feeder passing under what was a railway bridge.


Another view of the old railway bridge remains.


After passing the course of the old railway, the feeder is barely visible in the overgrown herbage before it reaches its source at the top of the Tanat Weir.


The Tanat Weir.

The source of the canal feeder is to the right, at the top of this weir but not available for public access.

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