Montgomery Canal Restoration

Sept/Oct/Nov. 2012

    Periods of torrential rain over this period made hard work of the restoration.

The SUCS Work group have continued with restoration of the Redwith to Pryces Bridge section.  

The section to be restored behind Lloyds Animal Feeds Mill has been flooded.   

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Thanks to the efforts and dedication of volunteers, full restoration of the canal is definitely becoming much nearer.

A look at the new profiling work near to the end of Redwith Wharf .

In October this was ready for the new liner.

Looking from Redwith Bridge showing current work .

Nearer to Pryces Bridge, deep mud had slowed progress.

A temporary dam had to be constructed at the end of earlier

work to help hold back the flood water.

When the weather dried up. A more optimistic view.

SUCS 170 yards done 260 to do.

Beyond Pryces Bridge, the trial section completed by the

Waterways Recovery Group last year was under water.

Behind Lloyds Animal Feeds Mill the bed was under water.

Further restoration of this section is currently on hold.

In spite of the terrible weather experienced this year, the restoration

continued where it was practicable to do so.

By the begining of November, they had laid liner and blocks as far as the

end of Redwith Wharf wall.

Before leaving site, a temporary dam was constructed at the end of the

wharf wall to prevent incursion of water from the unrestored section.