Montgomery Canal Restoration

November. 2013

    In spite of further adverse weather conditions , progress was still made.

The SUCS Work group have continued with restoration of the Redwith to Pryces Bridge section.

The photos below show some of their work.

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Thanks to the efforts and dedication of volunteers, full restoration of the canal is definitely becoming much nearer.

The last 3 yards .

(Left for access of plant and equipment).

(Brightness at the end of the tunnel) Redwith Bridge.

In spite of heavy rain showers, work continued.

Another view of the last section to be installed.

Looking from the Redwith end of the work ,

past the site where the culvert passes below the canal bed.

“At last”.

447 yards done only 3 left to do.

You can sit here after viewing the restoration work.

In spite of terrible weather experienced at times, the restoration

Has continued whenever it was practicable to do so.

SUCS Montgomery Canal Restoration Page Click Here (opens a new window).

Seen from the Pryces Bridge end of the work.

Keeping the area dry was a problem but they made it.

Levelling done. Ready for the stone ballast to be installed.