Montgomery Canal Restoration

March. 2014

    In spite of adverse weather conditions producing flooding,the SUCS volunteers have continued with restoration of the Redwith to Pryces Bridge section.  

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Thanks to the efforts and dedication of volunteers, full restoration of the canal is definitely becoming much nearer.

The view from Redwith bridge. Pumping out continued as they worked.

Towards the end of February, Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service ran a training program for the Retained Fire and Rescue Personnel’s Heavy Pumping Unit.

The flooded Redwith restoration section was chosen for this exercise.

This view is past the site of the culvert.

A good achievement considering recent weather conditions.

Looking back.  

A closer view over the  site of the culvert.

(Photo’s provided by Peter Richards).

This exercise was to improve heavy pumping capabilities for the help of flood victims in the event of future floods in Shropshire.

A spin off from this exercise was the lowering of the water levels in the restoration section between Redwith and Pryces Bridge.

On the first weekend in March, the SUCS Volunteers moved on to this section to continue the restoration of the canal and, although lots of water remained, further pumping by the SUCS Volunteers enabled them to continue with the restoration.

Looking back from the direction of Pryces Bridge.

Looking towards Pryces Bridge.

The ballasting on the off-side has been completed.

In spite of terribly wet conditions being experienced, the restoration continues

and this section of  canal should be ready for opening by early summer.

A closer view.

Ballast was lifted into place by heavy plant.