Montgomery Canal Restoration

January 2012

    Over the Christmas/New Year Holiday period, volunteers of the WRG have been working on a  section of dry canal North of the dropped Schoolhouse Bridge (Bridge 86).

   The work involved removing tree roots ready for  engineering inspections which are a vital precursor to making funding applications for further canal restoration work .

    South of the dropped bridge, SUCS Volunteers have been busy on Hedge Layering, an essential element in the process of restoration of this dry canal section.

  Below, WRG volunteers seen removing roots from the canal bed.


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Below are photos of work being done by the SUCS Workgroup who are working on Hedge  Layering between dropped bridge No.86 and Waen Wen Bridge No.87.

Thanks to the effort and dedication of volunteers, the full restoration of the canal is becoming much nearer.

Below is a closer view of the tree removed from the canal bank. This tree was a potential hazard as decay had travelled through its heart and branches.

   In spite of cold misty January weather, the SUCS Workgroup carried on with layering the towpath hedge south of the dropped Schoolhouse Bridge No. 86.

Below is the scene looking South towards the dropped bridge (No.86), after the WRG  Work Group had left site on completion of their Christmas work camp period.  

Below.    The same area two days later, looking back towards dropped bridge (No. 86) after the SUCS Work Party had completed layering this section of towpath hedge.

Below is the view from the top of the dropped bridge looking south over the section depicted in the previous photos. What an improvement!!!