Montgomery Canal Restoration

August 2012

    In spite of the weather - thunder storms and torrential rain- the SUCS Work group

continued with restoration of the Redwith to Pryces Bridge section.

Meanwhile, the WRG Work group were busy on restoration of the towpath between

Crofts Mill Lift Bridge and Gronwen Wharf .   

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Thanks to the efforts and dedication of volunteers, full restoration of the canal is becoming much nearer.

Looking in the direction of Lloyds Animal Feeds Mill.

Work continued but the wet conditions were far from ideal.  

Looking back towards Redwith Bridge showing the progress of the new work .

A closer look at the work in progress.

Looking towards Bridge No. 84. At work completed to date.

When the weather dried up. A more optimistic view.

SUCS 139 yards done. 299 to do

Between Crofts Mill Lift Bridge and Gronwen Bridge.

The WRG Work Group were busy on restoring the towpath.

Starting at Crofts Mill Bridge. A liner was laid after excavating the surface.

And a gravel fill was then laid on the liner.

Preparing the surface at the Gronwen.

Producing a safe towpath surface.

Then adding the finishing touches.