Montgomery Canal Restoration Work.

Aug-Nov. 2011.


The past months saw continued restoration of the Redwith to Pryces Bridge section by volunteers of the SUCS who have completed restoring the tow-path and are working on the new liner.


WRG have spent their summer camp on restoration of the Pryces Bridge to Crickheath section.


Below:-  SUCS have re-surfaced the Towpath at  Redwith and are preparing the

bed ready for the new lining.



Also at Redwith, SUCS  have completed restoration of the wharf wall.


SUCS have tidied up and resurfaced the towpath and installed safety netting.



Work continued on re-building the canal bed near Pryces Bridge helped by a of a group of young volunteers from Shawbury.




Work completed to date near Pryces Bridge.





The WRG have started on restoration work between Pryces Bridge and Crickheath.  Seen here from Pryces Bridge looking behind Lloyds Animal Feeds Mill .




An old damaged culvert passes below the canal bed. This has been cleared of

silt and is shortly to be restored.




The WRG are seen here working on laying a section of new liner to the channel.



A closer look at the new channel liner..


At the Western end of the re-profiled section a heavy machine is seen here compacting the re-built off-side bank.


At Crickheath, the WRG have completed restoring the stone wall along the old tramway wharf.




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