Montgomery Canal Restoration

April 2012

    After the winter work groups had spent time on Hedge Layering, the SUCS Volunteers have now re-started restoration work on the Redwith to Crickheath section of the canal.   


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A closer view of the work currently under way.

Thanks to the efforts and dedication of volunteers, full restoration of the canal is becoming much nearer.

Seen from the top of Redwith Bridge. They are preparing the canal bed for the new liner.

   This view across the work clearly shows the how the channel is being constructed.  

Looking in the direction of Lloyds Animal Feeds Mill, past the site of the culvert.

The tow-path has been completed as far as the bridge and is fine for walking.  

This view from the direction of Bridge No.84 showing a section of the finished channel.

Looking back towards Redwith Bridge and the work in progress.

This view is looking back towards the culvert. The new profile of the bed is clearly seen.

Looking towards Bridge No. 84. Re-profiling the canal bed and laying the new liner.