Redwith Bridge (No.83) to Pryces Bridge (No.84).


(After over 60 years without).

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Redwith Bridge (No.83).

Seen here on the 7th June  2014

View from the top of Redwith Bridge looking in the direction of Welshpool.

A boat is passing Redwith Wharf.

Volunteers of the SUCS are collecting the work barriers.

A closer look at the boat.

Looking back towards Redwith Bridge from the tow-path.

View looking south from under Redwith Bridge with the canal now in water.

Volunteers of the SUCS planting Iris on the off-side of the canal adjacent to the new pond.

A closer view of one of the workers.

Looking in the direction of Lloyds Mill (seen in the distance) from the site of the culvert.

Looking back over the same area of canal.

Further on, we saw a boat moored under the trees.

This boat  “GALATEA of ST. PANCRAS”  was  from the Regents Canal in London.

A boat was seen moored on the off-side by Pryces Bridge.

The name of the boat “EVELYNS JOY” says it all.

It was a joy for everyone to at last see this section of canal once more in water.

Sorry, this is as far as the restoration has come to date but  it will now continue towards Crickheath.

Looking back from the top of Pryces Bridge.


Leaving Pryces Bridge and heading towards Crickheath.

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