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Redwith to Pryces Bridge. (Section 5.).

This section is now navigable but only for light craft and canoes. At present there is no winding point.

The section was re-watered in June 2014 after being derelict for over 60 years.


Redwith Bridge (No.83).

This modern bridge carries the B4396  Llynclys to Knockin Road.


View from under Bridge No.83.

Looking south past the  site of the old  Redwith Wharf.


Looking back towards Maesbury from the top of  Redwith Bridge No.83.


Looking South from the top of Redwith Bridge No.83 past the old wharf area.


The old wharf wall on the off-side has been completely re-built.


The end of the re-built stone wharf wall complete with mooring bollard is seen here on the off-side.


Leaving Redwith you will find a seat by the side of the tow-path where you can rest a while and enjoy the scenery.


This plate on the tow-path marks the site of a culvert that  passes under the canal.


By the side of the tow-path is this marker.


On the off-side, a new nature reserve has been constructed.


Leaving the site of the culvert and heading towards Pryces Bridge. Lloyds feed mill is visible on the off-side.


Nearing Pryces Bridge.


A closer view of Pryces Bridge (No.84).

This is the current limit of the re-watered section.


View under the bridge showing the barrier and stop planks.


Looking back from under the bridge.


Pryces Bridge (No.84) seen from the un-restored side.

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Looking from Pryces Bridge towards the next section for restoration.

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Further along in the direction of Crickheath.

This area has previously been re-profiled ready for restoring.

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Looking back from the direction of

Pryces Bridge.

It didn’t take long for the newly re-watered section to be found by canoes.

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(Also includes 4 photos of this section during restoration).


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