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River Perry to Queens Head (Section2)


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Heath Houses Passenger Terminal.

Seen from the top of the bridge .


This photo shows the return path from the

Heath Houses Winding Bridge.

(A winding bridge is where the tow path changes from one side of the canal to the other).


The Rednal Straight.


The canal and road run side by side for approximately a mile between Rednal and Queens Head.



Heath House Bridge.


A winding bridge where the tow path changes from one side of the canal to the other, seen from the southern side . The banks are once more well covered in herbage but the channel is clear for boats and the tow path is quite passable on foot.



The Rednal Straight.


This photo looking south along the Rednal Straight shows the protective barrier on the off side of  the canal that was constructed to protect the fragile bank.


Corbett's Bridge (No.75).


As you near Queens Head, you reach Corbett's Bridge.

Seen here from the Queens Head side.

This is a farm bridge linking the fields on the west side of the canal to the road.

Steps by the side of the bridge enable you to access the towpath from the adjacent road.



Queens Head Winding Hole.


This winding hole and the area around Queens Head is popular with canoeists from nearby “Paddle Sports”.


Queens Head Bridge (No.76).


This new road bridge was built to carry the West Felton road during the bypass construction.


Mile Post at Queens Head.


You are now 4 miles from Frankton


31 miles from Newtown.



Looking North across the West Felton Road.


The warehouse adjacent to the wharf was used for corn from Liverpool up to 1940.

A tunnel under the Rednal Road from below the warehouse used to lead to a large sand pit behind what was then a mill (seen to the right).


A closer view of the Wharf and Visitor Moorings.

Seen from the top of Queens Head Road Bridge.


Queens Head .

New A5 Bypass Bridge (No.76a).


Built to carry the new West Felton Bypass which now carries the A5 London to Hollyhead trunk road.


This view is from the top of the new road bridge that was built to replace the dropped road bridge that carried the path of the original A5 trunk road through West Felton.



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