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Arddleen, Pool Quay, Buttington (Section10)(Page2).

This section is navigable.

After Crowther Hall Lock, the towpath has been restored and is safe for walking and cycling.


Below Crowther Hall Lock.

The lock keepers cottage is seen past the  bridge.The towpath has been resurfaced beyond the bridge.


Crowther Hall Bridge (No.110)

Seen from the top of the lock.

The towpath has been resurfaced from below this bridge towards Welshpool.


Crowther Hall Lock and Lock Keepers Cottage.

Seen from above  Bridge No.110.


Crowther Hall Lock Top Gate.

The original paddle gear is seen to the right of the top gate.

Crowther Hall Lock has a rise of 9' 2".


Just past the lock is found this seat where you can rest after walking.


Looking back towards Crowther Hall Lock and Lock Keepers Cottage.

A winding point is seen on your left.


A short distance further on by the side of  the resurfaced towpath is a milepost.


On the mile-post it tells you that you are now 17 miles from Newtown and 18 miles from Frankton.


By the foot of the Mile-post is this plaque.


This gate by the side of the towpath, behind St. Johns Church, leads you past  the church to the road.

A car park is by the side of the church.


Pool Quay Bridge.

(Bridge No.111).

Once more the bridge precedes the lock..

Framed by the bridge are the gates of Pool Quay Lock which has a rise of 8' 11".

This lock is the last lock before the long pound that extends to Welshpool, it is on the fringe of the village and you reach it after passing the church.

A new canoe launch pad is seen here before you reach the lock moorings.


Pool Quay Bridge (No.111).

Seen from the Welshpool side.


Pool Quay Lock Cottage and Lock.

As seen from the top of Pool Quay Bridge.


Looking back towards Pool Quay Lock.

The path leading off to the right takes you down to the road and is handy for cyclists and walkers going for refreshments.


Looking Back towards Pool Quay Lock.

The tow-path has now been restored between here and Newtown and is now a classed as a cycle-way and foot-path with disabled access.


Looking back towards Pool Quay Lock  with its lock keeper's cottage before the tow-path re-surface.

The frequency of these cottages gives one an idea of how busy the canal was in it's heyday.

Pool Quay itself was once a busy inland port with boats of up to 50 tons navigating the Severn up to this area and, for a short period it served as a trans-shipment point.


A new easy access gate now crosses the tow-path as we leave Pool Quay.


Leaving Pool Quay and heading in the direction of  Abbey Lift Bridge, the canal passes through an attractive tree lined section


Looking across to the off-side you will see farmland skirting the canal.


Looking from the tow-path across the Severn Valley.


Once more looking back along the tree lined section.


As you near Abbey Lift Bridge, another Mile-post tels you that you are now 16 miles from Newtown and 19 miles from Frankton.


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