Penarth Feeder and Nature Reserve.



At the entrance to the Nature reserve,


You will find a notice board and map of the area.

Follow the path to the Penarth Weir from which the canal is fed.



By the side of the path are nature reserve area.



View across the lake forming part of the Nature Reserve.



River Severn at the top of Penarth Weir.


This is where the feeder for the canal leaves the river.



The sluices that control water flow into the canal feeder.



Looking back towards the River Severn from the area of the sluices



Hidden in the trees is an original notice by the Shropshire Union Railways and Canal Company who at the time were owners of the canal.



The Penarth Weir looking across from the area by the canal feeder.



The Penarth Feeder as it leaves the Weir Area.



The path follows the side of the feeder  in which the water is crystal clear.



An overflow from the feeder runs into the Severn under a small footbridge carrying the footpath.



Carrying on along the footpath towards Freestone Lock.



The sluice that controls  the water from the feeder that enters the canal below Freestone Lock.



Through the gate and under the trees seen in the previous photo you will find this modern sculpture that also serves as a seat overlooking the River Severn.


Freestone Lock where the feeder enters the canal is to the left of the photo hidden behind the hedge.



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