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Aberbechan Road Bridge (BridgeNo.152).


This view seen from underneath shows the strength of its construction.




Aberbechan Road Bridge ( Bridge no. 152).


Seen from the Newtown direction.



Aftter leaving Aberbechan.


The canal curves round the hillside.

The towpath is good for both walking or cycling.



A gap in the hedge leads down to the bank of the River Severn which is close bye.



Near to the site of the previous photo, a run off valve is sited close to the hedge.



A short distance further on is the site of a seat.


Note the river in the background.



On the approach to Freestone Bridge No. 153.


Seen in the distance. As you can see, the towpath has been restored and is in good condition.



Close to Freestone Bridge, the Penarth Feeder enters the canal.


The water is clear but shallow.



Freestone Bridge Number 153 seen from the side of the adjacent Freestone Lock.



View along Freestone Lock (Rise 8 ft 9.5 inches).


This view is from the Freestone Bridge end.



Lock side building hidden in the trees by the side of Freestone Lock.



Leaving Freestone lock,


The dry canal bed is easy to follow, as is the towpath which is in excellent condition.



A break in the hedge reveals a gate and notice board.


The path leads you to a Nature Reserve and the Penarth Weir and feeder for the canal.


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As we approach Dolfor Lock Bridge No.154.


A building is prominent by the side of the channel.

A wharf wall is also clear to see.



Dolfor Lock Bridge Number 154.


Sited at the entrance to Dolfor Lock.



Dolfor Lock (Rise 8 ft 11 inches).



Lock side building at Dolfor Lock.



The canal has been filled in along this section but the towpath, now part of the Severn Way is open for walking or cycling.



Sign showing details of the Severn Way.



A new access road crosses the path of the canal before the site of Dolfor Bridge Number 155  (hidden by the trees at the far side of the road).



Dolfor Bridge Number 155, hidden by trees and herbage.



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