Brynderwen (Abermule) to Newtown ( Section15 ).  Page 2.

Newhouse Bridge  Number 150.

Leaving the wooded area , we come to the second bridge at Newhouse, this time for agricultural access across the canal.

The area is 3 miles from Newtown.

Newhouse Bridge  Number 150 , this time seen from the Newtown  direction.

The bridge gently blending into the trees.

The towpath, as you can see has been restored.

Just past  Bridge Number 150 we come to a winding  point at the edge of the wooded area.

After half a mile of pastoral scenery, we come to the next wooded area.

By the side of the towpath, we find a run off valve.

Looking back from the previous photo, over the

beautiful pastoral scenery.

Approaching Aberbechan.

A seat is sited in a position to view both the canal and the River Severn (seen in the background).


An industrial area is screened by a tall hedge.

Aberbechan Kiln Bridge Number 151.

Aberbechan, marks the site of an area that in years gone by had boasted a coal wharf, lime kiln and corn mill.

 By the side of  Aberbechan Kiln Bridge.

A new notice advises us that Phase 1 of the construction  of a shared path for use by all is under way.

The path uses the canal towpath and is incorporated as part of the National Cycle Network.  Route 81.

Aberbechan Aqueduct ( Bridge no. 151A).

Just past Aberbechan Kiln Bridge we come to the Bechan Brook over which the canal passes on a mainly stone built three arch aqueduct but some brickwork was incorporated in its construction.


Aberbechan Aqueduct ( Bridge no. 151A).  Seen from the side

A feature of this aqueduct are the stone cutwaters that are of a well proportioned curved and pointed construction .

Houses by the road  form a pleasing background to the canal as we head towards the road bridge.

Hidden in the hedge to the left of the previous photo is a run off valve.

 Aberbechan Road Bridge ( Bridge no. 152).

This bridge is constructed of stone piers with tied brick jack arches supporting moulded cast iron girders that have produced one of the strongest bridge structures of the whole canal.

Aberbechan Road Bridge ( Bridge no. 152).

The North side of the bridge carries the mark of the Brymbo (Wrexham ) Ironworks and a construction date of 1852.

View looking towards Newtown from  under the Aberbechan Road Bridge.

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