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  Gronwen Wharf- is the current head of allowed navigation from the main waterway network.








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Montgomery Canal News

For information on the 2016 Triathlon Click Here.

Montgomery Canal Triathlon 2015  click.

Making Waves.

Saturday 1st March saw the first of the summer programme of events centred around the Montgomery Canal in Wales to celebrate the canal and promote this beautiful area.

Click for MWRT Making Waves 2015 Press Release.

Redwith Bridge to Pryces Bridge is back in water (June 2014)

for the first time in over 80 yrs CLICK HERE for photos.

Stop-boards were replaced after the new section was found to be leaking substantially.  Investigation indicates that the leakage is through the piling on the towpath side and further work to rectify the problem is under way.

Work is now under way on the Pryces Bridge/Crickheath restoration section by the SUCS.

And, on the Welsh Section.

Work was completed on the £260,000 towpath restoration between Carreghofa and

Four Crosses brings this section of towpath up to the standards required for

 use by walkers, cyclists, anglers and canoeists.

Several new canoe access points have also been provided.

Towpath restoration between Pool Quay and Crowther Hall lock has been completed

in time for the Triathlon in May.

CRT's newly repaired 'rake' cutter has been working near Pool Quay and :-

a contractor's super tracked cutter (which can climb up banks!)

is working above Belan Locks - going as far as Refail if all goes to plan.  

Lottery boosts Montgomery Canal restoration.

Click Here to visit C&RT for further details.

Meanwhile, the WRG have been surveying below Pant and investigating the area

where the old railway crossed the canal (bridge structure buried ) .

C&RT are now organising local work parties. Click Here to visit (opens a new page).

C&RT volunteers have also been working at Llanymynech. Click Here.

The towpath between Pool Quay and Aberbechan has been resurfaced to make it safe for walking and cycling. (This now forms part of a shared use path accessible

to all and is now part of the National Cycle Network Route 81).

Photosite Sections 6,7,8,10,11,12,13 and 14 have been updated .

A new page showing Belan Lime Kilns is also now on line.

New -- Horse Drawn Boat For the Montgomery Canal. Click.


 On Thursday evening 23rd May 2013 at the ICC in Birmingham.    

We won :- The 'Recreation and Tourism' section of the Waterways Renaissance Awards.

  It was a good night for Wales as we shared a table with the Mon & Brec. who won the :-

'Community' Award - with their events celebrating the 200th anniversary of the canal.

Also:-      On the 19th of May, Mike Friend received an IWA  Prize. Click here.


The Gronwen Wharf to Redwith section is in water and is now becoming well established.

Work is now under way on the next “dry” area of the Redwith to Crickheath Wharf

section by members of the SUCS work group .

The WRG have restored the towpath between Crofts Mill Lift Bridge and Gronwen.

Work under way on Soft Launch Canoe Pads and tow-path.

Click Here for photos.(Opens a new page).

Click Here for recent and past Restoration Work.


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Click Here for a birds eye view of Crickheath.

Check the MONTGOMERY CANAL DIARY for work party details.

Click Here for SUCS Redwith Restoration Archive pages.

Steam Engine crosses the canal. Click Here.(Opens a new page).

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