Pete’s Montgomery Canal Photo-site
My original aim in constructing  the photo-site was to share with you a selection of the many photo's that I took during  restoration work on the Montgomery Canal - Frankton to Queens Head sections.
As a result of  popular demand , I  extended the site to cover the whole of the canal  from Frankton to Newtown  including un-restored and partially restored sections. As changes occur, and information comes to hand, I will add to and update each section.
The Navigable restored section connected to the mainline :-
Lies between Frankton Locks and Redwith ( open and navigable as far as Gronwen Wharf ).

The Navigable restored section NOT connected to the mainline :-
Lies between Arddleen and Berriew.

Unrestored and Part restored sections :-
Cover the remainder of the canal between its junction with the mainline at Frankton Locks and its original destination of Newtown in Mid Wales (these also include nature reserves both on and off line).

Photo-site pages are numbered below as sections.
Please Click on the section number to go to the required page.

Or, if you wish to go to an interactive map covering the main line of the canal  from Frankton to Newtown  you can  click here or use the link at the top of this page.  
Section (1) wp7a04a4a9.jpg  Frankton to River Perry. (Navigable.)

Section (1a)   Frankton to Lockgate Bridge. (During restoration)

Section (1b)   Lockgate Bridge to River Perry. (During restoration)
Section (2) wpb5ecfacd.jpg   River Perry to Queens Head. (Navigable)

Section (2a)   River Perry to Rednal ( During restoration)

Section (2b)   Rednal to Queens Head (During restoration)
Section (3) wpbd8914e8.jpg  Queens Head to Maesbury Marsh. (Navigable)

Section (3a)   Aston Off-line Nature Reserve.

Section (3b)
  Queens Head to Maesbury Marsh. (During restoration)
Section (4) wpf9c1cb78.jpg  Maesbury Marsh to Redwith. + Mill Arm.
                                                                   (Navigable to Gronwen)
Section (4a)   Maesbury Marsh to Redwith. (Prior to restoration)
Section (5) wp6aedaaa0.jpg   Redwith to Waen Wen, Pant. (Part dry section)
Section (6) wp7a8ab941.jpg   Waen Wen ,Pant to Llanymynech. (Part dry section)
Section (7) wpbb50f05f.jpg   Llanymynech to Carreghofa. (Not open except for portable)
Section (8) wp913ebd4a.jpg   Carreghofa to Four Crosses. (Not open except for portable)
Section (9) wp8a66262d.jpg   Four Crosses to Arddleen. (Not open except for portable)
Section (9a)   Guilsfield Arm (Nature Reserve) (Not navigable)
Section (10)wp28e4e3c5.jpg   Arddleen to Pool Quay, Buttington. (Navigable)
Section (11)wpfc9dbd90.jpg   Welshpool to Belan Locks. (Navigable)
Section (12)wp324e7377.jpg   Bellan Locks to Berriew. (Navigable)
Section (13)wpfd11bb0c.jpg  Berriew to Garthmyl. (Not open except for portable craft)
Section (14)wpfd44faec.jpg   Garthmyl to Abermule. (Not open except for portable craft)
Section (15)wp6868bc70.jpg   Abermule to Newtown. (Part dry section)