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Redwith (Pryces Bridge) to Waen Wen (Pant) (dry) (Section 5b).

The section from Pryces Bridge to Pant is classed as a dry section but shallow water is to be found in places.

(Pryces Bridge to Crickheath is currently under restoration).


Looking South from Pryces Bridge .

(Past the rear of Lloyds Animal Feeds Mill.)

Work is now under way on restoring the next section of the canal.

Roots had already been removed from the channel ready for restoration.

For the latest restoration work on this section

by the SUCS volunteers    CLICK HERE


At Crickheath.

A tramway wharf and winding point have already been restored by the SUCS Work Group.


On leaving the wharf and winding point. You come to Crickheath Bridge.

(Bridge No. 85) .

Beyond the bridge lies the hamlet of Crickheath together with another tramway wharf.

 Dwellings line both banks of the canal which at this point lies in a shallow cutting.


Information board on the Northern side of Crickheath Bridge (No.85)


Scene from  Crickheath Bridge

(Bridge no.85)

looking in a southerly direction.

The tramway wharf lies along the right hand side of the canal.

On the left is a canal store, possibly an old stable.

Further along is an old canal workers cottage.


At the far end of Crickheath Wharf.

The wharf wall has been restored by WRG.

( The Waterways Recovery Group).


Beyond Crickheath.

The “jungle path ” is also being cleared

ready for restoration.


Site of the dropped Schoolhouse Bridge (No.86) near to New House.

A pipe carries the drainage water from the canal bed through, under the road and into a manhole on the other side.

A dangerous section of towpath has been restored.


On the south side of the dropped bridge (Number 86).

 A manhole marks the end of the drainage pipe.

The channel has been cleared and a seat has been installed for walkers .


Waen Wen road bridge.

(Bridge No.87)

Is the last bridge that you meet before you reach the village of Pant .


Just through the style that you could see on the previous photo is a path leading you up some steps to the road that passes over the bridge.


The top of Bridge 86.

The bridge has a weight limit of 10 tons.

The path leading to the towpath is on your right.   


View towards Pant seen from the top of Bridge 86.

The path is narrow and this point.


Shortly after leaving bridge 86, you will find these steps taking you down to a small stream that takes the run-off from the canal.


Brambles and scrub are in abundance as we reach Waen Wen.

This is the scene that meets your eyes as you approach a very wide area of canal  on a gentle bend. A drain  is laid in the canal  bed but doesn’t present much  of a  problem to restoration.

This area is skirted by a road on the off-side.


Also at Waen Wen.

On the embankment, adjacent to the very wide section of the de-watered canal, there is a let off valve that drains water into a nearby stream.

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