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Queen’s Head to Maesbury Marsh (Section 3)



The two mile section from Queens Head to Maesbury Marsh provides an enjoyable walk and embraces the Aston off-line nature reserves, the three Aston Locks, (The distance to the bottom lock is approx. 1 mile), two restored bridges, and the remains of a winding point. The section is covered by two pages.

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The section is navigable and connected to the national network.


Queen’s Head.


Leaving Queens Head in the direction of Newtown, the first bridge that the canal passes under is the new road bridge carrying the A5 London to Hollyhead trunk road.




Queen’s Head.


Looking back from under the new road bridge. To the left, the new picnic area is well established.




Between the A5 road bridge and Aston Top Lock.


Additional visitor moorings are to be found after the road bridge.





Above Aston Top Lock.


Access to the Aston Off-line Nature Reserve is to the right, across the top gate.


CLICK on this link for the Aston Off-line Nature Reserve.




Below Aston Top Lock.


The Nature Reserve is screened  by the trees on the left.




The pound below Aston Top Lock.


To the left of the photo is the Aston Off-line Nature Reserve and, to the right, screened by a tree, the lock keepers cottage.





Aston Middle Lock.


The channel was originally very narrow due to reeds but has now been cleared leaving room for boats to pass.



(8)Aston Middle Lock.


A closer look at the top gate.






Aston Middle Lock.


Looking from the bottom gate in the direction of Maesbury Marsh.





Aston Middle Lock.


Bottom gates as seen from the towpath on the Maesbury side.





Aston Bottom Lock.


A view of the top gate and lock side building.

A lock keepers cottage was once sited nearby.




Aston Bottom Lock.



The bottom gates and bye-weir looking from the south (Maesbury direction).

The outlet from the new off-line Nature Reserve is by the bye-weir.

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