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Garthmyl (Section 13) page3.

This section is in water but not connected to the “navigable” sections.

It is only suitable for canoes and similar portable craft.


 Half Way Bridge (Bridge number 136).


On the approach to the flatted Half Way Bridge  and the A483 road.

A canoe launching pad is to be found.

A seat is also conveniently placed for you to rest a while before proceeding along the next section.


    Just past the canoe launch pad is the entrance to the culvert that carries water across the road at the site of the flatted bridge.


    New gates at both sides of the A483 road provide access to and from the canal.


    This view of the wall on the Newtown side of  the flatted bridge gives us the date that the bridge was flatted.


    On the Newtown side of the flatted Half Way Bridge (Bridge number 136).

    Another canoe launch pad is to be found.  


    Another view of the canoe launch site.


   Leaving the site of the flatted bridge.

A cottage is to be found with a seat by its wall.


Heading towards Bunkers Hill Bridge (No. 137).


The bridge is hidden under the trees that you can see in the distance.


    Bunkers Hill Bridge (Bridge No.137).

          To the left of the tow path is the site where a wooden canal side hut used to stand .

Click Here to see photos of the old shed

before it was demolished.


  Bunkers Hill Bridge (Bridge No.137).  

Seen from the Newtown side.

      A path leads up to the top of the bridge and enables access to the nearby main road.


     The view to the North from the top of Bunkers Hill Bridge.

  The site of the demolished wooden shed is seen to the bottom right of the photo .


Looking in the direction of Newtown from near to the foot of Bunkers Hill Bridge.

Bunkers Hill Bridge is sited in the community of  Tan-y-Fron where, in the past, a collection of houses had grown up round a wharf and lime kilns .

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