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Garthmyl (Section 13) Page2b.

This section is in water but not connected to the “navigable” sections.

It is only suitable for canoes and similar portable craft.


Brynllewyn Bridge (Number 134)

This time seen from the Newtown side.

The sculptured seat is to the right of the towpath.


    As you leave the site of the bridge,  this lovely pastoral scene is to be found.


This overgrown section of canal is then encountered before you reach Penllwyn Lodges.


This well kept area by Penllwyn Lodges is found on the off-side of the canal.


Penllwyn Bridge (Bridge Number 135).

Heading in the Newtown direction, Bridge Number 135 is to be seen.

Picnic benches can also be seen on the area between the two strips of water.


Penllwyn Bridge (Bridge Number 135).

A closer look at Penllwyn Bridge. A wooden foot-bridge spans the entrance to the off-line reserve.


The off-line reserve is seen across the canal from the towpath.


This view is from the top of Bridge 135 looking in the Welshpool direction.

The off-line reserve is to your left.



This view is also from the top of Bridge Number 135 but this time  looking in the direction of Newtown.

A group of Canada Geese with their young are visible further down.


This scene is of the same area as the previous  picture but now looking from the tow-path below the bridge.


Looking back at Penllwyn Bridge (Bridge Number 135).

This photo was taken from the Newtown side.


A closer look at the group of geese.


Continuing towards Newtown, the canal bends gently to the right following the contours of the land.

The top of a giant Oak Tree is seen in the distance.


A closer look at the Giant Oak Tree towering above the canal.

Beyond this tree is to be found the site of the flatted Half Way Bridge (Bridge number 136).

A canoe launching pad and a seat are also conveniently placed for you to rest a while before proceeding to the next section and crossing over the A483 Trunk Road.


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