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Garthmyl (Section 13) Page2.

This section is in water but not connected to the “navigable” sections.

It is only suitable for canoes and similar portable craft.


Nags Head Bridge Number 132. (Flatted).

On the Newtown side of the Montgomery Road at Garthmyl is this wall with the date 1949 on it. This was the year that the bridge was flatted and the canal water taken through pipes as far as Chain Garthmyl Bridge Number 131.

The canal is suitable for canoes past this point.


    Just past the canoe launch pad is the entrance to the culvert that carries water across the road at the site of the flatted bridge.


Leaving the site of the flatted bridge and heading towards Newtown.


This view along the canal looking towards Newtown is over the Trystllewelyn Aqueduct

(Bridge 132B).


Iron railings pass over the Aqueduct by the side of the towpath.


This overflow is sited on the off-side of the canal on its Newtown side.


This run off valve is by the aqueduct on the towpath side.


The canal then passes fertile fields.



Trystllewelyn Bridge (Number 133).

After passing over the Llifior Brook (this was once a feeder for the canal) at Trystllewelyn Aqueduct, we come to Bridge number 133 at Trystllewelyn.

The towpath along this section is good for walking.


An overgrown section is then passed thro’ before reaching the next bridge.


Brynllwyn Bridge (Number 134).

This photo was taken from the Welshpool side.


Looking towards Welshpool from the top of Brynllwyn Bridge.


Looking towards Newtown from the top of Brynllwyn Bridge.

A Golf Course is seen to the left of the canal.


Below Bridge 134, by the side of the towpath you will find this seat.

The back of the seat is sculptured in the form of rushes that are found in the canal.

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