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Garthmyl (Section 13) (Page 1.)

This section is in water but not connected to the “navigable” sections.

It is suitable for canoes and similar portable craft.


The Western side of dropped Efail Fach  Bridge (Bridge Number 129) at Berriew.

This photo shows the end of the culvert carrying the canal under the road to Berriew Village.


Walking  past the garden centre at  Efail Fach we come to the next obstacle across the canal - the  pipe seen in this photo.


Looking back towards the Garden Centre at Efail Fach. (Seen to the left of the canal) .


Shortly after leaving  Efail Fach you will find a narrows with stone built sides. This is probably the site of a swing bridge that  was reputed to have been in this area.  

(Now hidden by this herb growth).


This was the same area in 2010.


The canal then passes over a small stream.

You can see the point where they cross -  by the trees.



This overflow on the off-side is used by Ducks as a resting place.


Hidden in the hedge by the side of the tow-path is this run-off point used in the past for draining this section of canal.


Pasture land is seen on the opposite bank..



Looking back after passing the trees that you can see in the previous photo.

A period cottage is visible by the side of the towpath.


   Cefn Garthmyl Bridge Number 130.

Seen from the Welshpool side.


This scene is from the top of Bridge 130 looking towards Garthmyl.



Looking back towards Bridge 130.


The off-side bank by Cefn Garthmyl  Bridge.

Seen here from the Western side.


Lime kilns were originally sited to the East of this bridge.

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