Montgomery Canal  


Llanymynech to Carreghofa (Section 7)p1a

Part of this section has been restored and is now in use.


On the south side of  Llanymynech road bridge we come to the winding point.

 This has been dredged and is used by the Narrowboat George Watson Buck as it covers the restored Llanymynech Section.


As you leave the winding point, the canal is only navigable for canoes as there is no winding point before the next blockage at Walls Bridge.


Looking back towards Llanymynech Road Bridge, past the entrance to the winding hole.

The towpath has been resurfaced and is good for walking.


A closer look at the new Llanymynech  Road Bridge (No.92).

  The picnic area and Visitor Centre are just visible.


The next blockage is just before Walls Bridge.

(Looking back towards Llanymynech).


The road which originally passed over the bridge now passes over a flatted bridge that completely  blocks the canal.


The towpath is in good condition and provides a pleasant walk but the canal is full of reeds.




  On the far side of the road, the tow-path continues and passes under Walls Bridge

(Bridge No.93)


   Looking back at Walls Bridge.

As you can see, the path is good for both walking and cycling.


Looking back from the top of  Walls Bridge (Bridge Number 93).

 A better view across  the road that  originally passed over the bridge but now completely  blocks the canal.

 New stiles have been provided for tow-path walkers.


This view is over the top of the bridge.

It used to carry the road but it now carries a footpath and cycle track .


Looking in the direction of Newtown from the top of Walls Bridge (No. 93) .


There is a seat by the side of the tow-path for you to rest.


A milepost tells us that we are now 11 miles

from Welsh Frankton and 24 miles from Newtown.


 On the Llanymynech side of the Wern Aqueduct we find a short spur of canal that is now a nature reserve.

    As you can see, the entrance is partly hidden by herbage and a large tree.

This spur was constructed as part of a temporary loop to bypass the site of the aqueduct during its construction.


The Wern Aqueduct , built to carry the canal  over  the bed of a now disused railway.

   The line used to run from Blodwell and Nantmawr with a later link for the Llanfyllin branch.


Past the aqueduct, looking across the canal towards Llanymynech Hill.

  On the left, we find another spur off the main canal.

This was the continuation of the spur from the Llanymynech side of the aqueduct.

  The main line of the canal passes to the right of this.


The next bridge you come to is Bridge 94 at Carreghofa.



 As you pass under Bridge No.94, this is the scene that meets your eyes as you head in the direction of  Carreghofa Locks..


The old Welshpool road runs to the left of and parallel to

the canal at this point .

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