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Pool Quay, Buttington (Section10-p1a).

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After leaving Pool Quay, the next bridge that we come to is the Abbey Lift Bridge.

This gate across the newly restored towpath is to the North of the bridge.


Abbey Lift Bridge (No.112).

Seen from the Pool Quay  side looking in the direction of Welshpool.

The main Welshpool Road runs close by to the left of the photo.

The Offa's Dyke long distance footpath follows the towpath along this section of canal .

The bridge itself gains it's name from the site of the Strata Marcella Abbey which, on dissolution of the monasteries had left light industries that provided the canal with some of its business.


Past the Abbey Lift Bridge, on the Welshpool side is this newly installed Canoe Launch Pad.


Looking back towards Abbey Lift Bridge.

To the right of the photo is the main Oswestry/Welshpool Road .


Looking towards Welshpool, the canal bends to the right, following the hillside.

Reeds and weeds clog the canal at this point..


Further on, at a bend in the steep tree covered hillside, the canal is clearer and you will find this wide Winding Point where boats of the Heulwen Trust manage to wind round.


Heading towards Welshpool after leaving the winding point you will find a run-off valve.


A closer look at the run-off valve.


Approaching the next bridge over the canal.


This is the view across the valley as seen from the site of the bridge.


Foot Bridge No.113.

A closer look at the foot-bridge over the canal

The canal continues to follow the edge of the steep wooded hillside before you come to a footbridge, (Bridge 113)  that carries a path from the road across a wetland area and into the woods.


Foot Bridge 113.

This time seen from the Welshpool side.


Leaving the Foot Bridge in the direction of Welshpool, you once more pass through a wooded section.

As seen from the photo, the towpath has been restored and is suitable for both walking and cycling.


By the Tow Path as you approach Moors Farm you will find this Milepost.

Newtown 15 miles.

Welsh Frankton  20 miles.


Looking back past the site of the Milepost.

The milepost can just be seen to the right of the photo.


The Moors Farm Lift Bridge

(Bridge No.114).

Seen here as we approach Buttington.

This lift bridge is adjacent to Moors Farm that provides B & B Farmhouse Accommodation.

The towpath has been restored and canoe launch pads have been installed both sides of the bridge.


Looking back towards the Moors Farm Lift Bridge.


The ground levels out as we Approach Buttington with green fields seen on the off-side.


Arriving at Buttington Wharf.

A number of canoes were moored.

The sculpture, Buttington Old Man is seen to the left of the site.


Buttington Wharf Picnic Area.

At Buttington Wharf you will find a picnic area that is adjacent to the site of the lime kilns.

This area is well used by canoeists, walkers and other visitors.


Buttington Wharf Bridge

(Bridge No.115).

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