Brain of Monty Quiz 2016

When the 2014 Brain of Monty quiz was produced the question arose:  'Would there be enough MONTY

questions left to do another one?'  Apparently so and the 2016 version has been born!  Unfortunately all the

easy questions have been well and truly used  so the Monty references in the 2016 quiz are more obscure

although not too difficult for those with internet access.  As the tie-breaker questions from the last quiz have

been used you know who to blame.

Over the years the quiz has attracted a number of followers:  Brain of Monty fanatics!  There have even been

Monty discussions on quiz web-sites on the internet and money sent for the next edition with last year's entry .  

In fact there is pressure to produce one every year; pressure which has been ignored and if it continues it will

remain a bi-annual quiz to coincide with a festival or event at Maesbury in September.   

To get your copy of the latest quiz please send a SAE and £1 to:  Brain of Monty Quiz 2016, Wyndcliff, Pen-y-

Garreg Lane, Pant, Oswestry, Shropshire SY10 8JS.  Yes £1 coins suitably wrapped in cardboard will travel

quite safely through the second class post.  Since 2008 only one unwrapped coin has gone missing through a

slit in the envelope although the evidence that it did exist was imprinted on the inside.  However notes are even

safer so why not order 5 copies and sell the rest to friends and neighbours?  If you do please just send your

address and a second class stamp and I will provide the envelop.

Apart from the prestige of being crowned 'Brain of Monty 2016' and joining the hallowed halls of the other

winners since 2008, there is a £25 prize.   In keeping with its name, all profits will go to supporting the

Maesbury Festival, previous profits having paid for picnic benches and canoe launching pads on the

Montgomery Canal.