Montgomery Canal



40 years after the first “BIG DIG”

Over 200 volunteers from  SUCS and the WRG  Work parties and others, came from all over the country and got together over the weekend to celebrate the continuing restoration by -

Working on the dry Redwith to Pant section of the canal.    

One of the goups of WRG Volunteers working on the  restoration of a section of the old wharf wall at Crickheath.

Towards Pant.

Another group of WRG volunteers this time clearing scrub from the dry canal bed ready for restoration.

Beyond the previous group, more WRG Volunteers have already cleared this area.

A WRG Workgroup clearing the canal bed by a disused drain that had been laid along this dry section.

Dense scrub growing along the bed and towpath is rapidly being cleared by this WRG Workgroup.

More of the disused drain exposed by the work group.

Clearing scrub along the towpath.

Just a few stumps remain in this area on the approach to the site of the dropped bridge No.86

On the Pant side of the dropped bridge No.86. Cleared of scrub, further evidence of the drain that was laid in the canal bed.

A WRG Workgroup is seen in the distance at the limits of this weekends work.

(A seat is installed by the towpath for the use of walkers.)


back near Canal House Bridge (Bridge No. 84) also known as Pryces Bridge,

the SUCS work party were busy preparing the channel to take the new liner.

Beyond the mechanised operation seen in the previous photo, SUCS Volunteers were also busy clearing the channel .

The SUCS Work  group have also been working on the towpath restoration seen here to the right.

Near to Redwith Bridge, seen in the distance,a re-enforced bank is further work that is currently being undertaken by the SUCS group.   

At Redwith bridge, the restored tow path and bank are seen here with a section of new channel liner in place.

This section is currently under restoration by SUCS.

At Redwith, groups of guests who had been invited by SUCS to see the restoration work, walked in groups along the current restoration section.

Meanwhile, the SUCS Workgroup continued with their channel clearance watched by large numbers of passing visitors.

And at Pryces Bridge, the work went on under the watchful eyes of the visiting  guests.




Also at Pryces Bridge, “The Friends of the Montgomery Canal” had a small gazebo with displays and refreshments .

The “Friends” ran a vintage Bus from Welshpool  to bring visitors for Guided Walks to view the current SUCS restoration work and upward of 100 visitors signed their visitors book on what was a very successful  day.









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