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Belan to Berriew (Section 12 - page 2).

This section is navigable but not yet re-connected to the main canal network.


    Shortly after leaving the 26 mile post, you come to:-

CEFN RALLT Bridge Number 127. Seen here from the direction of Berriew Lock.


    Below  BERRIEW LOCK ,

The bypass weir is seen to the right of the photo.


   Berriew Lock (Rise 8' 5.5")  seen from the direction of the top gate.

This lock is sometimes known as Rectory Lock.


    Berriew Lock and Lock Keepers Cottage.

Seen from the Newtown direction.


    Leaving Berriew Lock and heading towards Newtown.

The stone built wharf wall that you can see to the right of the photo is all that remains to mark the wharf area, although, until recent years a crane used to exist here.


     Leaving the site of the old wharf and heading west you come to :-

Long Bridge (number 128).


     From the top of Long Bridge at Berriew

This view is looking back in the direction of Berriew Lock.


   Long Bridge at Berriew as seen from the western side.

The site of  the old Lloyds Coal Wharf is on the off-side.


    Just past the site of  the old Lloyds Coal Wharf , a winding point marks the site where the former Rhiw Feeder entered the canal.

In the distance is the site of the old Berriew Wharf and Lime Kilns, now no longer existing.


    The narrows carrying the canal over the River Rhiw aqueduct at Berriew.

A short walk from here takes you into Berriew Village.

Berriew is well served by pubs and restaurants.

The Andrew Logan Museum of Sculpture is also close by if you wish to pay it a visit .


    River Rhiw seen from the top of the Rhiw Aqueduct  at Berriew.


    Berriew Aqueduct as seen from the car park and picnic site.

The left arch spans a minor road running parallel to the river. Whilst the river is spanned by two, thirty foot arches.

This aqueduct is constructed mainly from engineering brick and was virtually rebuilt in 1889.

The river bed below the aqueduct was paved to reduce river "scour".


    This view, typical of the many wooded sections on the "Monty",  is the view that you get as you leave the aqueduct and head in the direction of Newtown.

A picnic area is sited by the towpath, and, a canoe launching area is evident just past this site.


    The Canoe Launching Area mentioned in the last caption is marked by these sculptures sited on the off-side bank.


    Between Berriew and Efail Fach Bridge you will find the 27 Mile Stone.

You are now 27 miles from Welsh Frankton and

8 miles from Newtown.


    Looking North from the area of the 27 mile post, recent bank work is seen on the off-side .

Towpath surfaces are good for walking.


    Taken from the dropped Efail Fach Bridge (Number 129) showing the wharf and large winding point.

This marks the western limits of the navigable Prince of Wales section.


    The dropped Efail Fach Bridge (Number129) at Berriew showing the end of the culvert carrying the canal under the road to Berriew Village.

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