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Belan to Berriew (Section 12 - page 1).

This section is navigable but not yet re-connected to the main canal network


      After leaving Belan and heading towards Newtown, the next bridge that you encounter is:-

Wernllwyd Bridge Number 124  which is an accommodation bridge for farm use.


  Wernllwyd Bridge Number 124

seen from the Newtown direction.


  Between Wernllwyd Bridge and Brithdir Lock, you will find this mile post telling you that you are now 25 miles from Welsh Frankton and 10 miles from Newtown.


  This view of the off-side bank is typical of this section.


  As you approach Brithdir Lock,

this sculpture catches your eye, it marks the canal side of the nature reserve.  


  This photo is across the nature reserve seen from near the lock.

You can sit on one of the seats provided , relax and enjoy the view.


    Brithdir Lock ( Rise of  9' 1.5")

Brithdir Lock. Substantially constructed of large stone blocks with a footbridge preceding the bottom gates.

The lock keepers cottage stands by the lock. Note the old pig sty to the right of the photo.


   Brithdir Lock Top Gate (open).

Brithdir Bridge Number 125 is seen past the lock .

The path to the Brithdir Lime Kilns is to the left of the photo, just past the lock-side cabin.

In the late 1800's , a warehouse and blacksmiths were sited here along with the lime kilns.


   Brithdir Lime Kilns.

At Brithdir, between the Horseshoes Inn (adjacent to the A483 trunk road) and the Lock you will find a fine example of the lime kilns used in this period, together with a small "picnic area".


    Brithdir Lime Kiln.

This is one of the lime kilns available to view at Brithdir. The entrance to the hearth is bricked up but you can see a good example of a kiln entrance.

The kilns are situated behind the "Horseshoes Inn". Parking is available as is refreshment at the aforementioned establishment.


    Looking North from Brithdir Bridge Number 125.

Brithdir Lock and Cottage seen from the top of the bridge.

A picnic bench is to be found below you by the bridge.

Brithdir lime kilns are found down the path to your right.


Brithdir Bridge Number 125

   Seen from the Newtown direction.

    The lock is seen through the bridge.

    A seat is to the right of the towpath.


View from the top of Brithdir Bridge Number125 , looking in the direction of Newtown.

48 hour mooring and a winding point are sited here.


  Brithdir Aqueduct (Bridge Number 125A)

This aqueduct carries the canal over the Luggy Brook.


    Brithdir Aqueduct seen from the West side.

The Luggey Brook is just visible through the iron railings.


    Luggy Bridge Number 126

is to be found just after crossing Brithdir Aqueduct.


    Looking West from the top of Luggy Bridge.


    Shortly after leaving Luggy Bridge, you come to Milepost Number 26.

26 miles from Welsh Frankton.

9 miles from Newtown.

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