S.U.C.S. Work Party August 2005. NEWHOUSE LOCK Photo's.

On the approach to the bottom of Newhouse Lock, The canal side has had new stone walling installed.
Below the lock. Two of the enthusiastic S.U.C.S. Work party repairing the outlet of the bye-weir.
The corrode brick work has been removed and jacks have been installed to stabilise the walls whilst work is proceeding to re-build the lock.
Jacks stabilise the sides whilst work proceeds to cast the re-inforced concrete base for the new lock wall. Note the shuttering in place ready for casting.
Position of the top gates. Note the blocks of stone stored in the entrance ready for re-instatement.
Above the lock, work is proceeding to restore the bye-weir. A new concrete channel is being cast.
View of finished work on the restored side of the lock chamber. The volunteers should be proud of their acheivements.
A short distance from Newhouse Lock. Below Byles Lock dredging is in progress to clear the silted channel.
Thanks to the enthusiastic approach of groups of volunteers like these, the restoration of the Montgomery is proceeding at a steady but unstoppable pace.


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