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Four Crosses to  Burgedin (Arddleen) (Section 9)


After leaving the Four Crosses area the canal travels through open countryside before it reaches its next obstruction at the dropped Maerdy Bridge.

The section is navigable south from the winding point by the A483 at Arddleen as far as Berriew but is not yet connected to the national network.




 The site of the dropped Maerdy Bridge (Bridge 102 ).


At Penthryn-fawr, just past the canal cottage, the canal is once more blocked by a dropped bridge that carries the A483 trunk road.





Looking across the A483 Manchester to Swansea trunk road  towards the dropped Maerdy Bridge.


The canal is piped at an angle across the carriageway and re-appears to pass behind the canal cottage seen to the right of the photo .





Site of the Maerdy Lime Kilns.


The Maerdy Lime Kilns can no longer be seen from the canal towpath but stonework of the basin that housed the lime kilns wharf is just visible.




Site of the Maerdy Lime Kilns.

Viewd from the  A483 Trunk Road.


Sadly, the Lime Kilns are no longer available for viewing.

 As you can see from this photo. Trees and scrub completely cover the site where the remains of the lime kilns still exist.




At Arddleen, the canal is once more crossed by the A483 trunk road.


At this point the towpath passes under the bridge,    8 foot below the level of the water. (When the Arddleen bypass was built it was intended to drop the level of the canal between Burgedin and Maerdy by removing the top lock from Burgedin and building a new lock north of the dropped bridge at Maerdy.)





Seen from the new A483 road bridge at Arddleen.


The original road bridge crossed over the canal from the embankment that you can see on the far side of the winding point.

Evidence of the original bridge is still to be found.




At the western end of the Arddleen Village


A new wharf is to be found. Adjacent to the wharf is a picnic area that has seating.

 You can spend a pleasant summer afternoon here with stunning views across the canal towards Criggion and Rodneys Pillar.




Past the picnic area at Arddleen


The canal becomes very wide, wide enough to wind a boat if so required.

 The swan in the photo was quite friendly. Probably due to feeding by nearby houses.




As you near Burgedin, you come to

Dragon Bridge (No. 104).


The road over this bridge takes you to the Wern where there is a nature reserve, car park and also access to an off-side launching site (please contact British Waterways if you wish to use it).




This is the southern side of Dragon Bridge (No. 104).


A small wharf probably existed at this point.





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