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Four Crosses to  Burgedin (Arddleen) (Section 9)

After leaving the Four Crosses area the canal travels through open countryside before it reaches its next obstruction at the dropped Maerdy Bridge.

The section is navigable south from the winding point by the A483 at Arddleen as far as Berriew but is not yet connected to the national network.


Looking back towards Clafton Bridge

Bridge No. 100.

By the side of the winding hole that you can see on the left  was a warehouse.


Leaving Four Crosses and heading in the direction of Welshpool.

The canal passes through open country.


Closer to the trees seen in the last photo.


Passing through  the tree lined area.


By the side of the tow-path  is a run off  valve.


Bridge 101.

The tow-path between Four Crosses and Maerdy is due for restoration but passable on foot.


Bridge 101.

Seen from the Welshpool side.

This  bridge is used as a farm bridge.


Leaving Bridge 101 and heading towards Maerdy.

On the off-side , partially hidden by a tree is sunken B.W. Boat aptly named  “MANTIS”

(Praying to be re-floated and used.)


This view is looking North past the canal-side cottage at Maerdy.



The site of dropped bridge no 102.

The path of the canal  swung to the left and crossed under the now dropped bridge carrying the main Welshpool road .

To the  left of the canal that you can see is a culvert crossing under the main road and carrying the canal water to the other side .

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