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Tan-y-Fron to Brynderwyn (Section 14) (Page2).  


This section is only navigable for small portable craft .  


A view from the top of Brynderwyn

Old Road Bridge (Bridge No.145).

Looking back in the direction of Glanhafren.


Looking towards Bryndewen Wharf also from the top of Bridge no. 145.

This area has the A483 trunk road running along side as you can see to the right of the photo.


Brynderwyn Old Road Bridge (No.145).

As seen from the towpath on the approach side from Brynderwen.

This is the bridge where the tow path crosses the canal as it nears Brynderwen Wharf.


Re-surfaced tow path.

Looking back toward Bridge 145 with the old wharf area to the right .


Brynderwyn Lock Bridge (Bridge No.146) seen past Brynderwen Wharf Cottage.

The tow-path once more crosses the canal over the bridge as it passes the old wharf area.

The bottom gates of the lock are just visible under the bridge.

On the side of the cottage you can see a sign.


Brynderwen Wharf.

A closer look at the sign on the cottage.


The view from the top of Bridge No. 146 looking back, past the cottage in the  Welshpool direction.


Looking across Brynderwen Lock in the Newtown direction.

By the side of the lock are a mile post and a canal side information board.


Brynderwen Lock Top Gate.

A seat is sited past the lock on the left.

The lock bye-weir is seen to the right.


By the lock side at Brynderwen.

A Montgomery Canal mile post tells us that we are 4 miles from Newtown and 31 miles from Frankton.


Also by the lock side is this notice board telling you about Brynderwen.


Bridge number 146 immediately precedes this lock. The old lock side warehouse sits between the road and the canal.

The lock is now in good condition, having recently been restored .

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