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Tan-y-Fron to Brynderwyn (Section 14)(Page1b).  


This section is only navigable for small portable craft but, if you enjoy walking, the towpath forms a pleasant walk. Restoration of Brynderwyn Lock has already been completed.  

After leaving the flatted Half-way Bridge (No. 136 ) at Tan-y-Fron, the canal travels along the hill side above and adjacent to the A483 Trunk road in the direction of Newtown before re-crossing the road at the flatted Dairy Bridge (No. 141 ) . After passing through a tree lined section it finally emerges running along side the main road before the lock and warehouse at Brynderwyn are reached.  


Newtown side of the Flatted Dairy Bridge (Bridge number 141) .

The canal passes under the A483 Trunk Road in a culvert.

The cycle way joins the canal towpath at this point.


Flatted Dairy Bridge (Bridge No. 141).

The Newtown end of the culvert seen from the canal towpath..

You can just see the gate to the towpath on the opposite side of the  dropped bridge.


Towpath and canal near to the flatted Dairy Bridge .

 The A483 Weshpool to Newtown trunk road runs parallel to the canal  as seen from  near the culvert carrying the canal below the road at the flatted Dairy Bridge number 141 .


Another fine example of the cast iron swing bridges that are to be found on the "Montgomery" is Red House Turn Bridge (Bridge number 142).

This bridge carries the nearby farm’s access across the canal to fields lying below its course.


Below Pennant

The canal passes by a tree lined dingle where there was, in times gone by, a wharf that served both Pennant and the Glanhafren Estate.


Glanhafren Bridge (Bridge number 143).

A late Victorian brick and girder bridge adorned by an ornamental iron balustrade typical of the era. The bridge providing access to the Glahafren Farm and estate.


A closer look at Glanhafren Bridge. Bridge 143 showing that it was constructed in 1889.


Looking back at Glanhafren Bridge from the towpath / cycle way.

The main road is to the left of the canal.


View from near Bridge Number 143 looking in the direction of Newtown.


The Bryn Turn Bridge (Bridge No. 144).

Approx. halfway along the straight that runs adjacent to the A483 trunk road, between Glanhafren Bridge and Brynderwyn, we come to yet another swing bridge. The Bryn Turn Bridge (Bridge number 144 ). The A483 trunk road is just visible passing the end of the bridge access.


The Bryn Turn Bridge.

(Bridge No. 144).

Seen from the Newtown side.

This section is well used by walkers and cyclists as can be seen in the photo.

The new towpath surface is far safer than the roads and is far more enjoyable to travel along

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