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Tan-y-Fron to Brynderwyn (Section 14)(Page1).  


This section is only navigable for small portable craft but, if you enjoy walking, the towpath forms a pleasant walk. Restoration of Brynderwyn Lock has already been completed.  

After leaving the flatted Half-way Bridge (No. 136 ) at Tan-y-Fron, the canal travels along the hill side above and adjacent to the A483 Trunk road in the direction of Newtown before re-crossing the road at the flatted Dairy Bridge (No. 141 ) . After passing through a tree lined section it finally emerges running along side the main road before the lock and warehouse at Brynderwyn are reached.  


Bunkers Hill Bridge (Bridge 137).

Sited in the community of Tan-y-Fron where, in the past, a collection of houses had grown up round a wharf and lime kilns .


A delightful period cottage adjacent to Saddlers Foot Bridge (Bridge no. 138).

This is the view seen from the side of the A483 trunk road which at this point runs parallel to the canal.

You can just see the edge of the foot bridge at the centre left of the photo.


Saddlers Foot Bridge (Bridge no. 138).

As seen from the towpath on the approach to the rear of the cottage shown in the previous photo.

Saddlers Turn Bridge is just visible past the bridge.


Saddlers Turn Bridge (Bridge no. 139).

Sited to the west of Saddlers Foot Bridge, that you can just see in the distance, the bridge is a good example of the cast iron turn bridges to be found along this canal.


Abernant Bridge (Bridge no. 140).

An unassuming bridge watched over by a canal worker leaning on his shovel .


A closer look at the “worker”.

This is a sculpture.

 If you are cycling, this is the point at which you should cross the A483 trunk road to the cycle way  that you can see situated on the far side of the road. (Please take care as the road is busy ) .

Canoeists and walkers should continue along the tow-path under the bridge.


The cycle-way as seen from the cycle path on other side of the A483 Trunk Road.


An fine example of an original canal side building is to be found just over the Bridge (Bridge number 140).


View from the top of Bridge Number 140 looking towards the site of the dropped Dairy Bridge Number 141 seen in the distance.


The site of the dropped Dairy Bridge (Bridge number 141).

By the side of the canal is an old stop plank store.

The towpath passes through a gate  and follows the path of the canal across the road.

Canoeists and walkers cross the road at this point.

Please take care.


Site of the dropped Dairy Bridge.

(Bridge number 141) showing the gate.

As seen from the cycle path on the far side of the road...

The site of the dropped  Dairy Bridge as seen from the cycle path near to the end of the culvert carrying the canal water under the road.

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